Suzhou China Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., co-founded by a number of industry experts and seasoned entrepreneurs with rich experience in the hydrogen energy industry as well as corporate management.

The Group’s headquarter lies in the Kunshan City, which is ranked NO.1 among all the nation's county-level cities.

First, Group Business

The Group is committed to the R&D, application and promotion of the hydrogen energy technology, thus promoting the development of hydrogen energy industry by leaps and bounds. Its technology and business are mainly focused on the following four major sections:

1, Hydrogen fuel cell power system, which focuses on the R&D, production and sales of hydrogen fuel cell power systems and powertrain chassis systems of  fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV).

2, Hydrogen energy, which focuses on hydrogen production, storage, transportation, filling technology and equipment R&D, production, sales, as well as the construction and operation of the hydrogen filling...[More]

China Hydrogen Promo
Chairman Mr.DengQinghua and Vice President Mr.Yin Shusheng on the CCTV program "Influential People" in May,2016...

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