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Layout Strategy of China Hydrogen Group

  The mission of China Hydrogen Group is to create a joint platform for the hydrogen energy industry chain featuring openness,sharing,coexistence and mutual benefit,and to gradually build a comprehensive group company dedicated to the hydrogen energy industry. Therefore,step by step, we are implementing our layout strategy both at home and abroad.

I. Layout

1. Product layout

   We will complete the independent or joint layout of relevant products by teasing out the whole process of hydrogen production, storage, filling and application involved in the hydrogen energy industry chain in accordance with the group's positioning,core technology and resources advantages.

2. Layout of Industrial Base
   We will establish a production base for fuel cell products in the relevant city based on our comprehensive evaluation of the conditions regarding its resources, policies, industrial and market environment as well as regional radiation capacity etc..

3. Organizational Layout
According to the Group's structure and development plan,we will set up several wholly-owned or co-funded companies covering production,operation and investment etc.

4. Regional Layout
According to the Group's business requirements and regional division,and to get closer to the end market, we will divide the domestic and international markets into several different regions.Moreover, we will establish regional subsidiaries in different cities, which will coordinate with the Group to manage the local market.

Ⅱ. Methods
1. We will establish subsidiaries in various forms including wholly-owned, holding controlling interest,equity participation and other ways.
2. The whole industry chain includes hydrogen production, storage and transportation, refueling, hydrogen fuel cells, motor and motor controller, power systems and hydrogen vehicles. 

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