Pursuers and practitioners of hydrogen energy industry

  Suzhou China Hydrogen Energy Technology Group (hereinafter referred to as "the Group") is co-founded by a number of industry experts and seasoned entrepreneurs with rich experience in the hydrogen energy industry as well as corporate management.
  The Group is headquartered in the Kunshan City, which is ranked NO.1 among all the nation's county-level cities.


First, Group Business
The Group is committed to the R&D, application and promotion of the hydrogen energy technology, thus promoting the development of hydrogen energy industry by leaps and bounds. Its technology and business are mainly focused on the following four major sections:
1, Hydrogen fuel cell power system, which focuses on the R&D, production and sales of hydrogen fuel cell power systems and powertrain chassis systems of  fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV).
2, Hydrogen energy, which focuses on hydrogen production, storage, transportation, filling technology and equipment R&D, production, sales, as well as the construction and operation of the hydrogen filling infrastructure.
3, FCEV, which focuses on the independent or joint R&D and production of FCEV as well as the market operation of vehicle leasing.
4, Extended sectors of the hydrogen energy industry, which focus on other industry segments such as vehicle materials and components, industry chain operation according to the layout and development of the hydrogen energy industry, financial operations due to the revitalization and optimization of the Group's assets and diversified applications of hydrogen energy apart from FCEV.


Second, Group Personnel
The Group puts talents and technology first.
Based on a strategic level, the Group has set up the China Hydrogen Energy Institute, providing domestic and international high-end R&D talents in the field of hydrogen energy with an open, independent and favorable platform.
In the meanwhile, the Group will set up a mechanic school of hydrogen vehicles jointly with relevant domestic and foreign automobile institutions, aimed at cultivating a backbone team with practical techniques.
Third, Group Mission
The Group shoulders the mission of creating an integrated industry chain of hydrogen energy featuring openness, sharing, coexistence and mutual benefit.
While consolidating its own core technology and product advantages, the Group has also actively integrated domestic and foreign resources including talents, teams, upstream and downstream enterprises in the hydrogen energy industry, with the purpose of building a joint platform so as to promote the sound development of the hydrogen energy industry. 
Fourth, Mode of “Replication after pilot” 
The Group has followed the path of commercial development with the mode of "Replication after pilot". First, the group will launch pilot projects to ensure stability and then pursue speed by replication. The experience and mode that have proved effective will be quickly replicated to multiple target regions and markets.
For one thing, the group will pilot leasing projects of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (logistics vehicles, public transport buses, taxis, etc.) in pilot cities, as well as the construction and operation of hydrogen refueling stations and other infrastructure. 
For another, based on its own core technologies including hydrogen fuel cell power generation systems and power train of FCEV, the Group will cooperate with automakers and other downstream and upstream enterprises in the industry chain, to build a pilot production base focusing on developing hydrogen energy, parts of hydrogen vehicles, or the vehicle itself.
Fifth, Group Vision
The Group holds the vision of forming a comprehensive group integrating the whole hydrogen energy industry. According to the Group's business sectors and development planning, the Group will step by step set up corresponding business segments and subsidiaries under these segments through investments or acquisitions and other means. Based on these subsidiaries, the Group will focus on cultivating a number of listed companies in the capital market.
Sixth, Group Achievements and Status Quo
Along the way, the Group has engaged in four national 863 projects (intelligent BMS, hydrogen fuel cell DC/DC converter, ISG hybrid electric motor drives, electric air pump, power steering motor controller). The hydrogen fuel cell buses that the Group co-produced with the Automotive Engineering Department of Tsinghua University and Beijing Foton Motor, successfully led the way for the marathon runners in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, and it also fulfilled the task of personnel pick-up during the 2010 Shanghai World Expo.
The Group has a total of 13 inventions and utility models, six software copyrights (Aosiyuan 485 charging software 1.31; Aosiyuan bidirectional DC/DC touch screen software V1.1; Aosiyuan bidirectional DC/DC control software; Aosiyuan brushless motor controller V1 .4; GPRS PC software for the  UPS of communication base stations; battery testing device and communication interface software V1.0), utility models (a battery device of self-maintenance ; a mechanical chemical reactor; an electromagnetic clutch of variable speeds and torque for electric vehicles), an invention (drying apparatus and methods of lithium-ion battery pole pieces).
In October 2013, the Group established a platform of independent IPR for equipment developing and testing of hydrogen fuel cells, and designed a control system that directly matches hydrogen fuel cells. The technology of stack production as well as various technical indicators have already met the requirements for commercial applications.
In March 2014, the Group successfully reassembled an FCEV and conducted a system matching test, thus optimizing the powertrain control technology. The trial run of the FCEV turned out to be successful on the vehicle testing platform.
As of April 2016, the Group’s trial FCEV had completed an on-road test of 20,000 km. The data obtained has proved that the Group’s hydrogen fuel cell power generation and powertrain systems, as well as other indicators related to the performance and stability are up to the standard and have reached a world-class level.
From April 25 to 29, 2016, the Group attended the 14th Beijing International Auto Show where it displayed its self-developed trial FCEV, hydrogen fuel cells and core components of FCEV powertrain, which attracted the attention of a wide range of enterprises of NEV and NEV accessories both at home and abroad and won widespread media coverage such as CCTV and Hongkong TV. Moreover, the Group discussed the possibility of future cooperation with nearly 30 automakers. 
In October 2016, the Group signed a strategic cooperative agreement with a world-leading PVD coating company.
In January 2017, the Group formed a strategic partnership with a world-renowned fuel cell company on the design and  making of metal bi-polar plates. 
In March 2017, the Group reached a strategic cooperative agreement with a leading UAV company in China, aimed at jointly promoting the development of fuel cell industry. 


Seventh, Concluding Remarks

The hydrogen energy industry is currently an international hotspot and has been developing vigorously, which the Chinese government attaches great importance to. Moreover, China boasts abundant hydrogen energy resources and there is a tremendous market in demand for them. Blessed with all these favorable circumstances, The Group has formed a top R&D team consisting of experts both at home and abroad, aimed at blazing a brand new trail in the hydrogen energy industry.
Based on our self-developed hydrogen fuel cell power system and powertrain system, in the spirit of openness, sharing, co-existence and mutual benefit, the Group has entered alliance with a number of relevant enterprises, jointly dedicated to forging an integrated industry chain of hydrogen energy. Furthermore, we hope to make contributions to the great rejuvenation and international transcendence of China in the fields of new energy application, environmental protection as well as new energy vehicles.

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