Pursuers and practitioners of hydrogen energy industry



Deng Qinghua: Founder & Chairman of the Board & Executive President
     Mr.Deng is a member of the Communist Party of China.He graduated from the Logistics College of Beijing Military Region. Mr. Deng has rich experience in corporate management.He once served as Chairman of Kunming Meitai Phosphorus Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.,;Chairman of Shenzhen Zhubang Biochemical Co., Ltd.,;President of Hong Kong TV Industry Investment Management Fund Co., Ltd.,;Vice President of Hong Kong Association of Medium and Small-sized Enterprises;Executive Vice President of Chinese Culture Brand Committee;Vice President of Shenzhen Association of Cultural and Creative Industry;Vice President of Shenzhen Association of Overseas Chinese Business.

Zhang Qianwei: Vice Chairman of the Board.
     Mr. Zhang graduated from the Department of Chinese at Shanghai TV University in 1985.From 1988 to 2005, he worked as Purchasing Manager of Shanghai Dajiang Group;From 2006 to 2010, he was Chairman of Shanghai Gangwei Pharmaceutical Technology Co.,Ltd. 

Yin Shusheng: Vice President & Chief Engineer
      Mr. Yin is a senior engineer in electrical automation. He used to be a technician in Linxi Mine Electronic Equipment Factory of the Kailuan Group; Director of Shida Electrical Equipment Factory in Guye District, Tangshan City; Manager of Beijing Aoshitong Science and Technology Development Center, and General Manager of Beijing Aosiyuan Technology Co., Ltd. Mr. Yin has been working on the development and production of the powertain products of new energy vehicles. He participated in the design of the efficient permanent magnet synchronous motor, electric vehicle motor controller, vehicle power supply for the BMS management system, UPS power supply in the telecommunication base station, energy efficient marine power controller, and obtained six copyrights issued by Intellectual Property Office.

He participated in and completed four National 863 Project (intelligent BMS battery management system, hydrogen fuel cell DC / DC converter, ISG hybrid motor drive, electric air pump, steering power-assisted motor controller), and successfully developed hydrogen fuel cell buses together with the Department of Automotive Engineering of Tsinghua University, and Beiqi Foton. The fuel cell buses led the way for the marathon runners in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and fulfilled the task of personnel pick-up in the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. On March 10, 2014, the pilot run of his hydrogen fuel cell vehicle on the dynamic test platform was successful.

Qiu Yaohong: Ph.D., Technology Director.
      Dr. Qiu once served as Technical Director of Taiwan Shengming Electronic Science and Technology and Shenzhen Xindi Science and Technology Co.,Ltd. He has in-depth experience in the field of Metal Injection Molding (MIM) ,Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) and Nano Molding Technology (NMT). He is a pioneer who has promoted China's MIM technology to the global market.


Chen Jianlong: Special Assistant to Chairman of the Board.
       Dr.Chen used to be a professor at an American University teaching finance. He also had many years of work experience in the Wall Street. He once served as Chairman of Taiwan First Financial Holding Company, Chairman of the First Bank of Taiwan and Chairman of Taiwan Pacific Product Insurance.

Qiu Liqi: Supervisor of the Board of Directors.
      Ms. Qiu graduated from the Department of Civil Engineering at National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences in Taiwan. She served as Deputy General Manager of Ganghua Construction Engineering Consultancy (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.,;Deputy General Manager of Lvlian Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.,;Deputy General Manager of Taiwan Changrong Group Company, and Taiwan Puda Company (Sakura Group), specializing in design management and plan, and conceptual design.

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