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Zhonghe signed a cooperation agreement with Kyushu Securities

Date:2017-05-19 11:21:35

  Recently,Suzhou Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and Kyushu Securities Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Kyushu Securities") formally signed a cooperation agreement, The two sides agreed to strategic cooperation in the field of hydrogen fuel cell. Under the agreement, Kyushu Securities will provide hydrogen in the field of hydrogen fuel cell capital operation of professional advice, and with the hydrogen, and jointly promote the hydrogen domestic and foreign hydrogen fuel cell production operations and industrial integration.

 Kyushu Securities is approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, by the top domestic PE institutions Jiuding investment holdings of China's first PE securities company. 

 The hydrogen and Kyushu Securities to reach cooperation, for the hydrogen fuel cell industry is of great strategic significance. 


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