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Guo Ying a hydrogen delegation to visit Hefei, Mayor Miss Lingyun cordially met

Date:2017-05-19 11:37:59

  On March 27th, under the leadership of Jiang Daoxiang, Chairman of the Investment Committee of Zhengwei International Group, Song Hong, General Manager of National Eagle Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "National Hawk"), Sun Zhijian, Suzhou Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman of the Company (hereinafter referred to as "Mr."), Chairman of the Board of Directors of the People's Republic of China, Hefei Municipal Committee of the People's Republic of China, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company, Mayor Kong Tao, Hefei City Merchants Bureau Qin Yuan Wang, Hefei National High-tech Industrial Development Zone (hereinafter referred to as "high-tech zones") deputy director of the CMC and other leaders met with the delegation and his party.

  Morning, the delegation first came to Hefei National High-tech Industrial Development Zone. Under the leadership of Zhou Guoxiang and Zhang Manzhong, deputy director of China Merchants Bureau, the delegation visited Anhui Huancheng Group Co., Ltd. and Anhui Military Industry Group Holding Co., Ltd., and visited the future of high-tech zones for UAV and hydrogen fuel The battery industry settled in the venue. High-tech zones and their outstanding development of the status quo to the delegation members left a deep impression.

  After the inspection, the deputy director of the high-tech zone management committee in the CMC meeting room met with the delegation line. During the meeting, Guo Ying Song Hong, chairman of the leadership to the high-tech zone introduced the development of the national eagle UAV industry, in the hydrogen Yin Shusheng vice president of the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle industry projects in-depth elaboration. Wang section director briefed the delegation on the development of high-tech zones, and focused on the high-tech zones for the development of new energy industry a series of preferential policies.

  Subsequently, the delegation came to Hefei city government, deputy secretary of Hefei Municipal Committee, Mayor Miss Lingyun, Municipal Committee, Vice Mayor Kong Tao met in the city hall conference team and his party. Mayor Lingyun expressed his warm welcome to the delegation, and she highly affirmed the development prospects of unmanned aerial vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell industry, and expressed the ardent expectation of the future industry cooperation. In the meeting, Hefei City Merchants Bureau Director Qin Yuan Wang also mentioned that Hefei annual industrial by-product hydrogen for a thousand hydrogen fuel cell vehicles running use, hydrogen fuel cell industry in the fertilizer has a broad application prospects.

  Chairman of the National Eagle Song Honghe Zhonghong Chairman Deng Qinghua on behalf of the delegation to the Mayor of Lingyun reported the progress of the cooperation between the eagle and hydrogen, and introduced the UAV and hydrogen fuel cell industry development. Zheng Wei International Group Investment Committee Chairman Jiang Daoxiang said that hydrogen and the National Eagle's hydrogen fuel cell UAV project has great potential for development, the future settled in Hefei will contribute to local development.

  The Hefei inspection effect is significant, the significance of the Department of Hydrogen and the National Eagle announced the establishment of a joint venture company, the United States and the new energy company after the first joint visit, but also by the World 500 is Granville International Group's strong support , Fully demonstrates the strategic cooperation between the two sides and the bright future of industrial development.

  It is reported that Lingyun Mayor has instructed the establishment of a working group, specifically responsible for the national eagle and hydrogen docking unmanned aerial vehicles and hydrogen energy industry settled in Hefei matters.




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