Pursuers and practitioners of hydrogen energy industry


        (1) Vehicle power system                                                                      (2) UAV power system

(3) Backup power supply in the telecommunication base station


(1) Vehicle power system: The application of fuel cells in the automotive field has been gaining momentum in recent years. For instance, Japan's TOYOTA, Honda, Korea's Hyundai have all developed their fuel cell vehicles. Compared with conventional vehicles, fuel cell vehicles have many advantages, including zero emissions, lower fuel cost,high efficiency,stable operation and low noise etc..

(2) UAV power system: Considering various shortcomings of the traditional UAV power system, we have developed a fuel cell system specifically for UAV with zero emission,long endurance,high reliability,convenient installation and long lifetime etc..

(3) Backup power: As a new way of power generation, fuel cells can greatly reduce air pollution and solve the problems of power supply and peak load regulation.Fuel cell power generation equipment of 2MW, 4.5MW, and 11MW have be put in commercial production. Various grades of fuel cell power plants have been built in some developed countries, and are quickly entering the stage of industrialisation.

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