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composite air filter system Turbo air compressor



  (1) Composite air filter: This product is specially designed for the fuel cell system. Its internal structure is composed of particle filter layer and chemical absorption layer. The particle filter layer contains polypropylene fiber with hydrophobicity, which is used to filter air particles whose size is greater than 0.3 micron, and to prevent water from entering. The chemical absorption layer is composed of compressed activated carbon, which does not produce any dust which may enter the fuel cell stack and cause some damage. The device can guarantee that the concentrations of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and hydrogen sulfide are lower than the prescribed requirements.

  (2) Turbocharger: The supply system of the oxidizing agent is a very important part of the design in a fuel cell system. It is specifically designed for different types of fuel cells,which is of great significance for the overall weight,volume and power generation efficiency of a fuel cell system.

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